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50 Year Reunion News
June 22-25, 2023

The "50 year Reunion was one for the attendance record books!  Over 150 total individuals, 100 of which were classmates.  And not to be left out... there were three faculty members in attendance. 
Festivities kicked off with the "Pickleball for All" event, followed by the customary "Golf Extravaganza".  The grand finale was the reunion event held at Oakridge Country Club. 

It turns out our roving photographer was guilty of too much visiting and not enough photo-ing.  As a result we don't have a photo of everyone in attendance.  Our apologies.  Needless to say we are accepting applications for a new photographer.

50 Year Reunion Photos

50 Years Video
Thanks Tom B.

Memorial Video
Thanks Glenn W.

40 Year Reunion News
June 22, 2013

The 40 year reunion is now just a memory.  Well... at least for those who still have a memory. 

The reunion was comprised of two events: the Golf Extravaganza and the Reunion Dinner at Davis High School on June 22, 2013.  The number of classmates attending the reunion was somewhat less than stellar, but for those in attendance it was a joyous occasion of renewing old friendships and sharing a few nostalgic memories. 

  Click Here for reunion dinner details and photos
  Click Here to see golf extravaganza pictures
  Click Here to learn more about the unauthorized
                    pre-reunion Cammack gathering!!

We look forward to seeing you at the 50 year reunion.  Go Class of ’73 Darts!

30 Year Reunion News
June 27-28, 2003

The 30 Year Reunion is now in the history books, and it was one to remember!  The reunion consisted of four separate events (listed below) highlighted by the
reunion dinner at Oakridge Country Club on June 28, 2003. M. Brown
     - 11th Annual Golf Extravaganza at Davis Park Golf Course
     - Reunion Picnic at Nicholls Park
     - Tour of Davis High School (it's the last time we'll see it)
     - Reunion Dinner at Oakridge Country Club
Well over 100 people participated in the various events, including 80 alumni!   Some visited the soon to be demolished Davis High School, a few played golf, many gathered at the picnic, and most attended the reunion dinner.  It's likely the largest gathering of alumni since graduation!!
The Reunion Dinner crowd, voting by applause, decided the next
reunion should be our 40th, in 2013.  The next reunion will be headed up by Brad Timothy and Keith Russell (our class presidency), and there is already talk of doing it again in 5 years!!

The reunion has been documented by word and picture, and can be seen at the following links:

M.Bowman, S. Wilkes   Click Here to read and see pictures of the Reunion Dinner
  Click Here to see more about the DHS Tour
  Click Here to learn more about the Reunion Picnic
  Click Here to visit the 11th annual Golf Extravaganza news


Because the the 30 Year Reunion Committee did such a great job organizing the reunion, we want to recognize their contribution for putting together a reunion to remember, and post their names here until the next reunion!

Dick Wright   Patty Bollinger Halaufia
Alyson Evans Brown   Mark Brown
Julie Loe Ickes   Bill Robbins
Tim Rasmussen   Jacki Beecher Rigby
Connie Mouser Robins   Jeffrey Robins


Do you have any photos of you, or your high school pals, circa 1970-1973 you are willing to share?  We want your pictures!  If you will let us know by email that you have pictures we will arrange to have someone pick them up, then we'll digitize (scan) them, and then return them to you promptly.  If you have a scanner, simply scan the picture and email it to us at dhsclassof73@hotmail.com.

Being the fiscally responsible Reunion Committee that we are, we exhort, wish, admonish, desire, hope, and long for, each of you to provide us with your e-mail ID’s. We hope to reduce future mailing costs by exploiting this inexpensive (really cheap!) e-mail communication tool.  Please let us know your E-Mail address by sending us a note at dhsclassof73@hotmail.com, and/or leave a comment in the Guestbook.



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