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See the "Reunion News" for the 50 year reunion pictures


This Web site is devoted to the Davis High School, Kaysville, Utah, "Class of 1973", graduates and non-graduates alike!
It has been created to serve as a resource for you, the "class of 1973".   It hopes to entertain you, aid in your edification, promote communication, help locate lost classmates, and serve as a reunion communication tool.  We hope it will bring back memories of the enjoyable camaraderie we all once enjoyed.

   View the Guestbook to see what your classmates are saying.  (very little it turns out...)

The guestbook was a good idea in its day, but it has long since been replaced with newer and better solutions.  Wanna really find out what your classmates are saying?  Then you might want to check out the DHS Class of 1973 Facebook Group.

No matter how you choose to communicate, we welcome your comments, suggestions, or other Class of '73 related thoughts you wish to share. 

Use the navigation bar above, or below, to visit all our web site pages.  ENJOY!!

Class of  '73 Reunion Committee is an Equal Opportunity for Embarrassment Organization

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Created 9/21/98
Last Updated 6/28/2023